Euro Africa Landing Page

Euro Africa Importers (Pty) Ltd is a company that has been established since 14 April 2016 in South Africa linked with CGS Logistics and Freight (Pty) Ltd. The business was built on the foundation that we are a private company which is family driven – started by a brother and sister duo. With many years in the Logistics and Freight business there was a need that arise to secure commodities both local and international Buyers and Sellers. 

CGS Logistics and Freight (Pty) Ltd is our shipping company which opened the doors for us to start trading in commodities. As we have long relationships with various Mines in the country, we have been able to secure OFF take Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements with many Mines in the commodities industry. 

We offer our international buyer/client the security that the products and services we deliver meet 100% to the industry standards. We have excellent staff in our organisation that are capable to handling all types of undertakings. Our core focus is developing expert 4PL Supply chain solutions, delivering SIMPLICITY to you and your business. 

Our live visibility and exception management systms ensure that you as the customer are always in control. We design and implement industry leading solutions for large and medium size national and multinational companies. Euro Africa Importers offers competitive prices for our services 

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Quality Operations

Our Core business on the commodities are as follows: 

- Chrome, currently within this commodity, we supply the following products:

- Chrome Concentrate 40% - 42%

- Chrome Concentrate 42% - 44%

- ROM Range 26% up to 40%

As all our products are supplied by reputable mining companies which we have offtake agreements with. Euro Africa prides itself in making sure that our client’s interest is secured and we can deliver on request. 

We only do contract-based work and all our contracts are over 12 month periods and longer. 

The Mines we operate in, are situated in and around Rustenburg and Polokwane area. 

The Coal mines – we are currently working on, are full capacity to production large quantities and the mines have over 15 years to 20 years lifespans. Most of the Coal mines we work with are in Witbank, Emalahleni, Carolina, Belfast and Newcastle areas. 


We Are Relevant

The productions we are currently selling are:

- RB1

- RB2

- RB3

- 4800 Kcal South Africa Eskom Specification 

- Duff

We currently able to secure export transaction on FOB (Free on Board) basis to our international customers. 

The Ports which we able to deliver are Richards Bay (South Africa) – Durban (South Africa) and Maputo (Mozambique). With our strong background in Logistics and Freight we can make sure that our clients products are delivered on time. 

Manganese mine

Manganese we are currently obtaining from the Northern Cape Area in South Africa. Currently the specification we sell are ranging from 25% up to 38%-40% on the lumpy and chips. We able to do all deals on FOT (Free on Truck) and FOB basis from the Mine to the port of choice.

With our current relationship with the various mines and our immense resources in South Africa we are also able to acquire these other products: 

- Diamond - Gold - Iron-Ore